vrijdag 16 april 2010

assignment #4

The last assignment of C & C Photography





I wanted to shoot TULIPS FIELDS.
We had a hard winter, so the tulips bloom LATER.
I think next week.... 

but very tired lately.
Saturday I take a break.
I go to the sauna!!

Thanks Carolyn and Camilla!

Because of your assignment,
I start to explore my camera.
I used already several techniques,
but had never really read about the theory.
The tip for shooting with low light in a bowl ...
I discovered this the first day with my new macro lens.

Still life is not my favorite.

Next week I will shoot more landscapes!

I wish everyone a happy and sunny day  XO

33 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtige foto's. Wat heb je leuk met het licht gewerkt, super.

    Ik ben ook zo ontzettend moe en was vreselijk inspiratieloos deze week. Ik ga snel slapen :).

    Geniet van je dagje sauna.

  2. You managed to find a very nice light, and abstraction
    Very nice:)

  3. I think you have done an amazing job Patricia, your enthusiasm and creativity has just been fantastic. Lovely macros and collage...you really are so good at close ups.
    Thank you for participating it has been a pleasure and I love your photography.

  4. Vooral die bovenste 'lavender' vind ik helemaal geweldig! Mooi!

  5. Oh my! Your photos are gorgeous. i have enjoyed seeing them.


  6. You really made some wonderful photos! Hope you had fun. The lavender is beautiful...very effective with the blue background. I look forward to checking on your post for more. Happy Saturday!

  7. lovely abstract shots but I love the bee on the flower - gorgeous photo. Wow!

  8. wat is de foto met de bloesem (roze)mooi geworden,echt heel mooi en dan het bijtje erbij,schitterend.
    kan ik echt van genieten.

    fijn weekend verder,lieve gr inka en andre

  9. I LOVE the lavender (my favorite flower) and the peonies. The color and the light is fantastic. Have a great week!

  10. your still life's are beautiful! i especially love the lavender. gorgeous composition and perspectives. and the landscape with the trees is a favorite too! great job!

  11. Gelukkig nog een opdracht. Prachtige foto's! Door jullie opdrachten en resultaten ben ik ook een beetje begonnen met experimenteren met de camera ipv foto's met m'n mobieltje te maken.
    Veel plezier in de sauna, relax, relax. En ik wens je een zeer zonnige zondag.

  12. As always, I am charmed by all of your photos. The lavender is so interesting and great bee angle.

  13. I sooo love your macro work...the lavender images are breathtaking...those little leaves look like ribbons...the image has transcended the subject, so hard to do and you do it with such ease! Beautiful all around!!

    We were on the same wavelength with our bees!! :)

  14. oh my goodness... so very lovely!!

    all of them.... i adore that pink collage... really wonderful!

    so nice to visit here... just LOVELY!! ♥

  15. Very beautiful work u turned in this time. I am charmed. And inspired. It is so fun getting to look at others' interpretation of the same assignment. What a cozy neighborhood!! Love, heather

  16. The collage of Lavender sprigs is truly inspired. Kudos!

  17. they are all lovely. a beautiful ending to the lessons.thank you for sharing.

  18. prachtige foto's geniet van je sauna. lekker relaxen.x

  19. Oh, die lavendel is PRACHTIG! En de bij in close-up ook! En het rijtje bomen - herkenbaar, mooi! Het water... Vakantiegevoel :) Het is ook zulk fijn weer :) Ik blijf je volgen, je doet hele mooie dingen!
    Hoop dat je bent opgeknapt van de sauna!

  20. Your photos are amazing Patricia! I really feel like you jumped into a whole other realm of photography lately. And it is absolutely beautiful! My favorites are the lavendar shots. You made it 100x more beautiful than it already is!


  21. They're all great, I love the first 4, especially the 2 collages. I like the landscape of the ine of trees, very unique and pretty. Great job, I'll be back.

  22. Those grids are just so very beautiful and such lovely color stories. The line of trees is a wonderful graphic take on a landscape. So glad you got something out of the workshop and its always a pleasure to see your work Patricia.

  23. Ohhh wat zijn je foto's toch mooi!!!! Echt geweldig!
    Hoop dat je lekker bent bijgekomen en hebt genoten van de sauna!

  24. Hi PAtricia,
    What beautiful images. The light is so perfect so beautiful! I hope you're doing well and enjoying spring!
    sending love,

  25. Just amazing work. Love the shots of the lavender! Wow! It was a pleasure to meet you, see your photos and blog. Thank you.

  26. o my goodness! i love the lavender collage -- each macro shot so delicate and interesting. but my favorite is the landscape -- i find rows of trees so visually compelling! lovely work!

  27. I love all your photos, they all make me smile. The blossom and the one below are my favorites. Tinaxx

  28. Wow wow wow. Love the curl in those leaves. How can you say still life is not your favorite, when your photos are incredibly beautiful?! You capture not just the subject, but the form, the beauty of a gentle curve, the filtering of light, or a shining reflection. Your photos are amazing, all of them!

  29. I love your two collages! The pink one is gorgeous! Your macros are beautiful too.


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