zaterdag 3 april 2010

assignment #2 Compostion and Perspective

"Try to keep it simple"
Yes, yes ... easily said, hard done.
In reading the ASSIGNMENT,
the ideas flowed into my head.
This week we had a lot of rain and wind
in the Netherlands.
I made a lightbox,
and began experimenting with different objects.
Not 1 item, but different , .... that's me.

as the "eye sees it"-straight on 

birds eye view

close up

off center using negative space

Un focus

You can also take a look at the other participants!
First I have to clean up the mess ....
It wasn't easy ;)

Happy Easter xo

31 opmerkingen:

  1. The colours are wonderful in your pictures! Also th ewater droplets are good too. I hope you managed to clean up the mess OK!

  2. Oh wat leuk en vrolijk weer allemaal. Dat water is echt super zeg. Ga ik ook eens mee experimenteren. De onscherpe vind ik ook echt prachtig. Spannend wat we nu weer voor leuke opdracht krijgen. Wat voor lens gebruik jij zoal?

  3. wow - some really clever shots. lovely blog.


  4. I think you did an awesome job Patricia...beautiful first image, really stands out. I love your variety of subjects adn the water drops are such a nice touch.

  5. Mooi!!! De meest simpele die van de passievrucht vind ik toch wel de mooiste. Ik denk dat het helemaal niet zo simpel was om het zo op de foto te krijgen.
    Fijne paasdagen!

  6. Hoi Patricia,

    Heel mooi.

    Wij wensen jullie hele fijne paasdagen,liefs inka en andre

  7. The reflection in the first shot is an added bonus. I love your photos, because its not obvious what the subject is...they draw you in.

  8. What great picutes. I didn't even think to use different objects.


  9. I too especially liked the first photo. It was interesting to see your choices of objects...the tulip photos were lovely!

  10. I like how you broke the rules and set up different objects. All very pretty and pleasing.

  11. OMG! Love these!! So fun! Look what you're doing with splashes...too cool. My fave, is the b&w one at the end...beautiful!!

  12. What a beautiful mess you made! My favorite is unfocus...the colors are brilliant...

  13. Such fun ideas!!! I'd never know the weather was yucky there!
    I love your water splashes and the unfocused tulip is just stunning! All wonderful and colorful shots. Well done. Like I always say, If you don't have a mess, you didn't really have enough fun!

  14. I love your blurry tulip shot - perfect!

  15. that's awesome going from one object to another from the different perspectives. you brave daring woman!

    your figs. they are beautiful to look at.

  16. the bird's eye view with the green glass pouring is just amazing! could easily be in a glossy magazine. really modern and crisp feeling. love you variety of items, but i have no idea what the fruit(?) in the first picture is?

  17. Hello Patricia,

    Beautiful inspirational, colourful photos.

    Difficult to pick my favourite this week...but I think birds eye view has a magic about it.

    Happy Easter.x

  18. Patricia, you have such a lovely freshness in your work. So clear and light!

  19. great photos patricia!
    i love the creativity that you share!
    happy easter xoxo

  20. Gorgeous! My fave is the unfocus. I love the colors.

  21. I love your unfocused one the best! and how you changed the rules and used multiple items! Great job!

  22. Simply beautiful. I need to make a light box too.


  23. such interesting subjects! i love the first shot. looks like an ad for a magazine. great reflection!

  24. Mooi mooi mooi!! De passievrucht is geweldig, prachtige reflectie!! En de tulp met zeg maar 'de negatieve ruimte' ook! De structuur van de ondergrond maakt hem Kunst!
    en ja, ik ben Nederlands :) we wonen zelfs in dezelfde provincie :)

  25. Great colours. Love the coloured water shots - think my favourite is the bird's eye view.

  26. Love, love your "fluid" shots. Those are very effective! And thanks for leaving a comment on my reminds me that I should do the same!

  27. I am in awe of you and your camera. These are stunning! The bright colors, the cleanliness and great compositions. A++++++++


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