woensdag 30 juni 2010

Wednesday Washday - Gambia

3 years ago, I made my first trip to Gambia.
The first impression you never forget.

This picture I took from the car.
We drove on a dusty road with an open sewer on the side.
Besides the sewer was a woman was washing.
The clothes hung on the wall to dry.
Last year I visited a compound.
Here they dried the laundry on a clothesline.

Visit GARDENMAMA for more.
Roxy is there too!

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  1. Wat een enorme tegenstelling met onze westerse wereld ...met onze (onontbeerlijke) fris ruikende wasmiddels, wasmachines, drogers en fris wapperende wasjes. En ik maar klagen dat ik steeds wasmiddel in de wasmachine vergeet te doen....

  2. Ja, dat is nog eens wat anders! *kijkt nu even naar de witte was aan de waslijn*
    En oei Roxy gaat internationaal!(en je schone was ook)

  3. I wanted to say beautiful pictures Patricia...but I really feel for them with the sewage system like that...we sure have so much to be grateful for.

  4. I appreciate seeing your photos of this families clothesline in Gambia. One of the shared parts of our lives that connect us as mothers, as people.
    Thanks for letting little miss Roxy over to 'my place' she is a doll : ) xoxo

  5. Hello- lovely blog-
    I am so happy I found you via Wash Wed! I love the photos from Gambia- I have visited Africa.
    Twice South Africa and once Swaziland- I am presently reading an amazing book about Africa and the women of the congo- I will review it once I am finished-

    Your daughter is SO cute- what a doll.
    So nice to meet you in your space.

  6. Wat geweldig al die waslijnen bij gardenmama, en dan Roxy 'r tussen; geinig joh!

  7. Wat een groot verschil en als ik je kleine meid tussen al dat gezellige wasgoed zie dartelen dan hebben wij het hier toch super goed.
    wat een leuke blog heb je.
    Ik ga je volgen hoor
    en als je zin hebt kom dan ook eens bij mij achterom
    fijn weekend

  8. Patricia, I am touched by your caring ways. Your photographs are always beautiful and so full of life. I enjoy watching your child grow and grow and experience so many interest things. It is good she has a good mama!

  9. i love those photos. do they seem happy there?


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